Schneider Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH
Schönauer Ring 13
82269 Geltendorf-Kaltenberg

+49 8193-7980

Areas of Application

  • Electronic technology
  • Medical technology
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Advertising

Schneider Kunststoffverarbeitung


We convince through our diversity and know no limits in innovation and design. Products New technologies and materials are constantly being implemented.

  • Customer-specific reusable and transport packaging, workpiece carriers for handling and transport
  • Casings and covers of all kinds
  • Packaging, particularly also hinged packaging, inserts and interlayers
  • A variety of blisters
  • Displays for advertising purposes
  • Protective caps
  • Technical parts

Our products are primarily used in the electronic technology, medical technology, swimming pool technology, automotive and advertising sectors.

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